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A unique approach to language learning


What we do

Motolingu is a language learning concept for children aged 3-6 years using key principles of the human psychomotor development chain to teach German as a foreign language.


The main aspect of our work is learning through doing and experiencing. Learning with all senses is the basis of our concept. We put learning into movement and build the bridge between motor development, language, creative and cognitive processes.



Lots of fun and therefore a long-lasting learning effect! 

“Tell me and I forget,

teach me and I may remember,

involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

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Motolingu is created as a  language learning concept at a German international school abroad .



Our story




The concept is applied at an elementary school in Hamburg, Germany, where it was implemented as a part of the curriculum of the preschool.

Motolingu becomes a non-profit organisation registered in Germany/ Hamburg. We are now 'Motolingu Deutschland e.V.'

Launch of Motolingu Programs

We extend our programs to adult classes for parents and teachers.


What we offer

Workshops for parents

German for children

Workshops for parents

Practical training courses for parents to help them to support the psychomotor development of their children.  A combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises and strategies for parents to implement at home.


Course Language: English

Training for teachers

Have you ever wanted to use an alternative language learning method in your classroom but not sure where to begin? Motolingu is a language learning concept for children using key principles of the human psychomotor development chain.


The Motolingu Teacher Programs will introduce a variety of practical exercises that you can use in your classroom. You will develop a toolkit of quick, easy to use tools that will enhance teaching and learning.


The program consists of a theoretical and practical part and is organized in several modules.


If you are a school interested to organize a teacher training program for your teaching staff, please contact us at


In our lessons, children are completely immersed in a foreign language. They learn by playing in a group with other children. Therefore, they develop a positive attitude towards the German language. This has a positive effect on their learning process and on their long-term learning motivation.


The combination of movement and language allows for better and faster learning progress.


Our native-speaker instructors are trained in our Motolingu method and ensure they actively introduce the participants to the foreign language through exciting and carefully chosen exercises.


  • Pedagogically proven concept for motivating, easy learning

  • Age-appropriate topics and course materials

  • Small groups with specially-trained native speaker trainers

  • In our lessons, children also develop gross and fine motor skills

  • Ideal supplement to language lessons at school

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